At Freedom Park summer 2010

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You are loved...

Starskey my boy....just when I think you may have left my mind - my heart kicks in and reminds me otherwise!  You will forever be in my heart so therefore in my mind as well.  

It is a sunny fall day with leaves all over the ground.  It is the kind of day where you would have been running all over the place and enjoying the sounds your feet make in the fallen leaves.  It is also cold out so you would come in for snuggles and to warm up before you would ring your bell to go out for another round in the leaves.  Pele enjoys such adventures now but his outdoor runs are short.  His winter coat is just starting to grow and he is short enough to collect all the burrs....that have to be brushed out before he can come in the house.  

Buck is understanding that his days of easy running are limited so he is taking advantage of all the run time he can get.  The race track around the pond is his favorite but he has to check out the timber and long grass too.  Burrs don't stick to him as bad (shorter hair) so he doesn't have that problem....and he so loves to run!  When the snow comes he'll have to create packed snow trails to run on and I bet he makes a lot of them as well as sharing the deer trails.

I sure do miss your communication with your ears.  That made understanding what you wanted easier.  I just plain miss everything about you!  Wherever you are, I pray that you are happy.  I also hope you know that you are loved!!!!! 

 You are welcome to come home any fact we wish you would.  Buck and Pele have heard all about you and would love to meet you and have you as their brother.  Life has reduced the amount of time I have to continue to search for you so I pray that you are safe and happy and continue to hope that someday your chip will be discovered and you will begin the trip back in to our lives.  Be safe my boy!  I love you.....

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  1. Your strength is inspiring, peace an love and husky woooos,