At Freedom Park summer 2010

Monday, August 10, 2015

Renewed HOPE and Dog Park

Good morning Starskey!  There was just a wonderful report on the news about Boozer.  He is a beautiful boxer that disappeared from his home 9 years ago.  He was found and taken to a shelter by someone in Colorado......over 1,000 miles from his family.  The shelter checked him and found his microchip.  The rest is now history....Boozer is back with his family again!

It is the stories like this that keep me hoping and praying that this will be us someday!  You are not just a missing dog - you are a missing member of our family!  We are not just a family, or pack, that is missing a member.....we are missing YOU!  That is significant!  You are the one that changed our lives forever and we so much want you back home so very much!

They didn't tell the whole story behind how Boozer got so far away from his home.  No one may actually know.  They do know that he was picked up by a man who took him to the shelter in Colorado, where his chip was read and he was reunited with his missing family.  This is what dreams are made of....true stories with happy endings.  I am a dreamer and I will always have hope to be reunited with you!

Boozer looked healthy and cared for during all or most of his 9 year separation.  I can only pray that you are having a similar experience wherever you are right now.  I pray you are well, that you are fed and that you are could you not be loved?  You have such a gentle and playful nature and that magic about you.....maybe it is that star you wear that makes you so special.  God put that there you know....and He is watching over you, even now.  I have to trust in His  plan for both of us.  I still pray that, besides keeping you safe, He does plan to reunite us in this life.  I know we will be reunited in the next life but that is a long ways away!

I took Pele with me down to spend the weekend with my parents.  It was Dad's 86th birthday and I hadn't been able to spend one with him for a long time.  Mom and I left him to his paper reading and we took Paucha and Pele to the Marshalltown Dog Park.  WOW is that place neat.  You would have loved it too.  Paucha knew some of the guys there but Pele was a little shy at first.  Then some more guys came and the playing and running began!

A Great Peranize (spelling?) was there.  He was pure white but reminded me of Dufus because of his size.  He rolled and played with a lot of the medium sized to smaller dogs just like Dufus did with you!  It was fun to watch (and remember).  Dufus lives in Britt now.  I don't know how he likes town living but he has a houseful of kids so I bet he is happy.

Back to the Dod Park.  It is huge!  The Big Dog side is at least 2 acres, maybe more, and the small dog side was about an acre.  It was all fenced and had big old trees that shaded most of it.  There were benches for us two legged pack members.  The water bowls were around the hydrant by the fence....and poop bags dispensers here and there all around the perimeter with big waste cans to put the "stuff" in on your way out.  You enter, on leash, in one common area and then choose which side you will go to - Big or Small.  Just inside that gate you choose everyone hangs their leashes and if is free run zone.

Of course we want to the Big dog side.....Remember Pele used to live with a Pit, before he came to live with us and Buck the Lab.  Big guys don't intimidate him at all and they play better anyway.  There was a pair of Dane pups on the Small side because no one else was there but everyone met them sniffing through the fence.  Some of the regulars were there so Paucha knew them and introduced Pele.  They had been there a while already so we're getting tired of running and playing much.  Then some new guys came so Paucha and Pele joined them on their run abouts.

Mom and I visited with some of the folks at the benches and watched the boys play.  Had to go pick up their poop, when they stopped long enough to do that, and then they ran some more.  We were there a couple of hours!  They were having such fun and it was such a beautiful afternoon.  There were more dogs there than she had ever seen at one time.  It was a great day for dog parking and just enjoying.

We love you Starskey and we very much miss you and want you back in our home.  Please do something to get yourself checked for your chip so folks know how to find us so we can all be together again.  Stay safe until that can happen.  We love you!  Until next time little buddy ❤️