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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Have you been listening?

Starskey my boy!

I have been thinking of you a lot but I have been so busy that I haven't been able to write to you.  I've been talking to you instead.  Have you been listening?  Have you heard me?  I don't know whether to hope you have or not.  Hearing me could mean you are at the Rainbow bridge with Ike.  If you can hear me any other way I sure do wish that you would come home!  I miss you!!!

We had snow on December 10th.  It was pretty but it made me sad.  All I could think of was that same date in 2010 when you were frolicking in your first snowfall - and it was the last day that we saw you.  I have wondered if you went to look for Dufus to play in the snow with you - he was at home you know.  No - we've already talked about that.  I don't want to go there again.

That snow has melted now.  We have gotten a few more little snows but nothing we get excited about.  Pele' is a tougher little dude then I thought he might be.  He wants to be outside almost as often as Buck does.  Pele' has to go on the trolley though because he gets naughty if we let him loose.  He dug up all of Randy's flowers around his gazebo last fall.  Randy caught him on his wildlife cameras so we have pictures to prove it.

When you come home there will be some new rules.  Do you remember the collars that Pockey and Paucha wear at Robin's to keep them inside their invisible fence?  Well we have some of those now too.  Our invisible fence is different then theirs but it works the same way - you get a correction if you go outside the boundary.  Ours won't use wires in the ground (too many critters that might wreck them).  Ours uses radio signals.  We'll start with one that will give you all 3/4 of an acre of free run area - and we'll add more later so you can still go to the shop and the timber.  Yes, they are water proof so you can go swimming too.

Pele' wore one when he lived at Robin's house so he'll remember what it is.  Buck came from a house where he had the underground kind too so he'll know what that correction means.  The ground got frozen too fast so I couldn't get the boundary flags put in.  I didn't think it was fair to make the guys find the boundaries the hard way so until spring we'll stick with the trolley runner and leashes.  I also have training collars so if somebody starts doing something they shouldn't be doing.  I can tone them - that is all they seem to need if anything at all.

It is about making things safer for you guys.  You can still run around the farm, swim in the pond, chase the squirrels and all the other great dog things - and you'll do it in a safe and protected place!  Not that our great big yard isn't a safe and protected place - but you went somewhere (on your own or with help) and I don't want to risk that happening again.  I have already learned I can't trust Pele' to not visit the neighbors!  This will give you more freedom then a regular fence (or a kennel or a leash).  We can even take it camping with us!

Oh how we miss you!  You transformed our lives.  Buck and Pele' are benefiting from many of the lessons you taught us - and most of the things that we discovered together....and Dad and I  are able to enjoy them more because of you!  God knew what He was doing when He put you in our hearts and let you choose us to love.

Wherever you are now - I hope the people there know how special you are and love you as much as we do.  That way I know you are safe!  But I still want you back home with us - where you started and where you are missed.

I got more then a little upset today when Pet Link had me update your information (and mine).  There was a link to an Animal Hospital site that I had never seen before so I checked it out.  I entered your ID chip number and the site said it did not monitor for that.....not monitor for what?  For that brand of chip or your number?  You are listed on both Pet Link and Home Again - and both of those sites are monitored by them.  What's up? 

Have you been close but unable to be found because your chip number isn't being looked for or that brand isn't checked for or doesn't show up on scanners?  What is the deal here?  Do something - crap on the rug or get fleas or something.  Get yourself in to a vet office and insist on getting scanned.........your chip may have migrated under your skin but it is still there.

I posted that on the Animal Lovers Linked In group.  Maybe somebody there will know what's going on.

I am going to keep writing to you (and keep talking to you when I can't write) because that is what keeps me from going goofy.  I also keep writing to you because I hope that someday - someone will read it and know where you are or where to look for you. 

By the way - the bones in the yard are new ones and you and Pele' will have to share them - I bet you'll lay side by side and chew on them.....Buck could care less.  He is more interested in the deer and turkey and whether he can get a reaction out of them by barking.  Sometimes he does and sometimes they just look at him...............

I love you Starskey!  We're all waiting for you......

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  1. We found your bloggie wandering today, not sure if you ever come here anymore but wanted to offer soft, warm husky wooooooos,

    RA, Isis & Nanük