At Freedom Park summer 2010

Friday, March 6, 2015

Spring is coming

Hey there Starskey......been thinking about you an awful lot lately.  Not exactly sure why so much now because I think of you daily and always wish you well.  It has just been different lately for some reason.  I hope you are well and fed and warm and I still hope that someone somewhere will look for your family and bring you home to us!

There was a snowfall a few days ago that reminded me of the day you disappeared.  It was fresh white fluff like what you went romping through that day.  It was your first snow and you really thought it was neat.  Dad got the tractor out to plow the drifts in the drive.  You helped him get it out then you came bouncing over where I was scooping the sidewalk.  You were having such a good time!

I scooped the sidewalk, a wide path to the doghouse and then went to clear in front of the garage door so your Dad could get closer with the loader.  He pulled up and asked me where you were.  I looked at him and said I thought you might have gone to finish helping him when you stopped helping me.  That was when we realized you were gone and we didn't really even know for how long.

We immediately got in the vans and drove around looking for you.  We didn't see you and neither had anyone else.  They had all been pretty busy clearing snow themselves!  That was when I called the Sheriff and the radio station.  I made posters and put them up all over town and made smaller ones that I delivered to all the neighbors within 2 miles.  The grandkids found places on the internet to post lost pet information and I called Home Again.

I got lost for a while too little buddy.....lost in depression and desperation.  I chased down sightings of you from Thompson to Garner and all over Forest City for months.  The biggest problem was that folks would call in the evening to tell me they saw you on their way to work that you know how hopeful but futile those follow-ups were?  You must have wondered where I was and why I didn't come get you.  Starskey - I was trying!!!  I still am trying!

It is melting today, just like it did after you vanished.  We walked the ditches then and gravel roads until we were satisfied that you had not been hit by a car or something.  Not finding you dead kept us hoping.  I have often wondered if you met a sad end like Ike did,,,,,off the road and because of an illegal trapper.  That thought just makes me mad. 

There seems to be a lot of coyotes around this year.  Bucky keeps barking at them to stay away and we put Pele' on the runner cable when he goes out at night.  I had a talk with Buck about you and told him that if he sees you - you aren't a coyote, even if you might look kinds scrufty and that he may have showed them where to find the open water in winyer but that you might really want to come home....and that he should go meet you and let you know it's okay.  Don't think he heard me well though.  He has claimed this home for himself now and you'd probably need some help to get to know him.  He has 3 lab cousins at Rene's house that he enjoys being with....but you would be new to him.

If you stop by the pond, for a drink of water, stick around for daylight when we can see you and can help you out.  Your doghouse is here and the heater is on so feel free to warm up for the night.  We do so miss you and would so much love to have you come home to us again.  You taught us a lot and we are grateful for that.  I keep your pictures on the computer in case anyone askes me about you.  The porch swing is waiting for spring to come and then it will be here to swing in together again.  That is still your special thing because Buck doesn't like to swing and Pele' is always too busy.

Be safe my Starskey and know that you are still loved and wanted!  Thanks for letting me share the memories.  I'll try to think of happier ones the next time we talk.  God Bless you!