At Freedom Park summer 2010

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Another December without you

Starskey my boy.......I should say my man.  You are almost 5 now and you have been away from us for almost 4 years now.  It seems like an eternity and although life goes on - We still miss you terribly and still hold out hope that you will be identified and returned to us!

We have had a couple small snows but nothing big yet.  Bucky loves to run in the snow and Pele does a pretty good job of keeping up but he gets sidetracked easily.  His newest project is the rock pile and all the places he can get in to or make bigger.  I know you are too big to be in there but I find myself wondering if you are close and trying to come home but these guys don't know you and won't let you.

They don't mean to be rude!  You still have many things here with your scent on them....if it lasts that long.  Your summer house and it's pad, parts of the football, your kennel and pillows and that big bone collection Missy left for you and that you added to!  This is still your just have fellows to share it with now....ones that you will like and have fun with......if we can just get you all together.

You have no idea how much you have changed our lives.  You, the first animal allowed in the house and the first pet to touch Jeff's heart as you did.  Since you have been gone we rescued Ike and shared our love, and what you gave to us, with him for as long as God would let us.  Buck is still here and we are blessed that he was rescued and then given to us to care for.  He is a good boy and very well behaved.

Because you helped us learn to trust and love more then we ever had before, Buck got to come in the house right away.  He spent a long time sleeping on the floor at our feet before he was allowed in the housefurniture.  Now he takes turns with Dad as to whether he is on the couch or next to me in the recliner. That never would have been possible if you had not broken through all the barriers and beliefs he held about dogs in the house!

Pele was always in Robin's house after she rescued him as a baby.....but after a year with Pele, Sid and Pokey she felt over-dogged so she brought him to us.  She knew he would be loved and she hoped he would help us stop missing you so much.  Well that part didn't work....we miss you as much as we ever did but we do love the little sinker and he loves us and his packmate Buck.  He isn't too sure about the house cats though but he has a good feline friend in the shop that pesters him and snuggles him too!

On Thanksgiving I gave thanks for all my family and friends and for all the blessings that God has provided me in my life.  You were one of thoseblessings you know.  You came in to our lives for a reason.  I am not sure what that was unless it was to open our hearts and home to other animals in need.  You did that well.  I just hope the Lord sees fit to allow you to come back to us.

You'd fit right in between Buck and Pele and the three of of you could explore the rock pile and both burn piles together.  Buck likes to chase the deer and squirrels. Pele is a mouser and a good rabbit hunter.  As part Border Collie you would love the herding they try to do.  Maybe you can teach them something!

We love you and miss you!  Tell someone you need to get back home!  Until next time my love.  Stay safe, stay warm and be smart!