At Freedom Park summer 2010

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ike needs a playmate

Here I am again.  Seems that no matter what else goes on in my life I keep coming back here to talk to Starskey.  I'd really like to be talking to him in person - but I will do what I can.  Somewhere here I will probably switch from the third person to the first person - that is just how things go in my mind.  Don't get confused - it is still me talking.

Ike is lonesome.  He thinks I am a pretty good snuggler and I don't toss a bad ball either but after a trip to Robin's house and several days with a real dog pack - he is kinda in the dumps.  Doesn't even want to play tug-of-war with the knots as much.  It isn't the same with me as it was with Sid and the silly new dog at their house....and it has been rainy outside so we can't go running or playing like we usually do.

You've never met Sid.  He is Pokey and Pilot's new pack member.  He came to them last winter as a very sick little baby with Parvo.  Everybody worked hard to get him healthy again - and boy did they succeed.  Pokey is only part Pit - but Sid is all Pit and so solid and strong.  Since Ike is so tall (not small like you were) Pokey doesn't look at him as a puppy - even though he still is one.  She didn't want much to do with him so that meant Ike and Sid could become pals.....when Pilot wasn't causing trouble.  Pilot doesn't fit under the couch anymore so he is more particular about the trouble he causes so he can get out of there fast.

It took a day of sniffing and licking and stare downs for everybody but the next morning they all had it figured out.  Ike is tall and Sid is solid and Pilot is a brat and Pokey just stayed away from it.  Then there is the new guy.  I can't remember his name but he is the oddest little stinker I think I have ever seen.  He is part Chiquia and part terrier (has whiskers) or something.  He is smaller then Pilot so he does fit under the couch but he and Sid are best buddies so he doesn't spend much time there.  It is funny to watch the big guy and the little guy play together - reminded me of you and Dufus!

Sid shared the little guy with Ike that is pretty cool.  The three of them would play tug together - Ike and Sid would each have an end of the rope and the goofy little guy would jump up and bite on in the middle and just dangle there....Ike held his own pretty good.  Taking that rope was the best idea I ever had so I just left it there.  Ike has one here at home.  Sid will probably just drag the new kid around by it - unless Pokey decides to play too.  Sid might be stronger then Pokey - but she is determined.  There are 4 dogs and 4 kids there now - plenty to do tugs!

You need to come home or find a way to get checked for your chip.  Ike really needs a doggy kind of playmate and you are the only one I KNOW of that Jeff will be happy to see and have back home.  I don't think he is too keen on the idea of getting a new guy.....He really likes Ike and they have a special bond and routine together - but he really wants you back home as much as I do!

Jeff has been pretty sad here lately too.  Too long without a job and too tight on money isn't helping.  He did get a driving job to deliver motor homes and took one trip already.  He seemed so upbeat whenever he called home while on the trip - but that hasn't lasted.  His back hurts and that doesn't help either.  Sees the Doc tomorrow.  We've both gotten a little short tempered lately and that doesn't help either

Ike is going to need special care for his hips.  He has pretty bad displazia that was made worse by an injury before we got him.  You wouldn't know it in the morning after a good nights sleep and his aspirin....he runs all over the place and makes sure everything is where it is suppose to be outside.   He runs a while then comes in for a nap then goes out for another adventure and then in for another nap and so on.  I have noticed that as the day goes on his naps get closer together and longer - probably as his hips get tired or start to hurt...

He figured out the stick thing better then you did...he picks them up and brings them to me instead of trying to drag them the other direction or hitching a free ride on the pile I am dragging.  He really likes the pond too.  He knows the same short cut that you know....what is it with black dogs and water anyway?

Midnight has become a terrible tease.  He knows that Ike is bigger then he is so he won't let him get as close as he did you.  Do you remember when that cat was bigger then you?  That is when he taught you how to ring the bell to go outside....You weren't understanding what I was trying to teach you!  Ike caught on pretty quick so he is a bell ringer too.  Now Midnight just comes half way down the steps and sits there where Ike can see him but can't reach him - and he just sits there.  It drives Ike crazy and Midnight knows it....Brat cat!

I am beginning to feel a little better now that I have talked to you for a while - but I sure do wish I could talk to you in person.  This just isn't the same!  I have 2 hands - one for each of you so it sure would be great if you came home to be Ike's playmate - and to show him the ropes he hasn't learned yet....well - maybe not all of them.  There is an outdoor kennel now and there will be fencing going up to make a safe dog play-yard for when I can't be out there with you to let you run loose and get in the pond and all that neat stuff.

Ike is using your pillows and beds - and he fits in everything but your Pet Lodge - and he can fit in that too but he can't turn around in it - so we got him a bigger one.  He sleeps in some of the oddest positions.  Sometimes he curls up in a ball and fits inside your bed with the sides on it.  Other times he is a sprawler and uses his special foam pad, your bed and another floor pillow.   His favorite position is on his back with his legs stretched out (or up) or leaning against the TV. 

Grandma was here last week and thinks he must be triple jointed to be able to get in all those crazy positions.  She also thinks we have an awful lot of pillows - but when you want to let a dog be comfortable (without letting them on the furniture) you have to have enough pillows for them - besides some of the car pillows are in here to be washed so it looks like even more.

It is time to come home Starskey.  Ike and me are waiting for you!  I have 2 hands and one of them is for you......I am still keeping in contact with all my new Rescue friends and trying to keep your "Lost" postings up to date.  I have NOT given up hope but you could help a little from your end too.................