At Freedom Park summer 2010

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

His name is Ike

Well Starskey - he has arrived.  His name is Ike and you will really like him.  He likes to play and he runs in circles and chases his tail just like you.  He is about the same size as you are now so that will make everything even - if he doesn't grow any more that is.  He is all black and his name kind of came about because of where he was found.

Ike was picked up in Mason City early in March as a stray out by Eisenhower Ave. (Walmart) and the shelter called him Dwight.  We thought that Ike suited him better and he seems to like it.  I think somebody loved him for a while because he is doing real good with being in the house.  Only a couple of accidents in almost a week.  He is catching on to the bell thing - well kinda.  You being here to show him how well it works when we are busy or not looking would help a lot.

We took him down to meet Paucha this weekend.  I think Paucha likes you better - or maybe he knew that you knew that you were his company so he didn't have to mark the whole place.  After Saturday everything was okay though and you would have thought they had been friends for years.  You missed the chance to run in circles with them!  They had donut shaped bones together like you and Paucha always did.  Paucha still doesn't share his donut.

Carma, Luchi, Adrian and Camilla were all there too.  That meant the boys got lots of walks and spent a lot of time out doors.  It was warm and sunny so they liked that - even when Camilla was in charge.  They all were sure that you would like Ike too.  They were glad that he is your size but that he is all black.  That way they would never get you mixed up.

There is a lot you have to teach Ike.  He keeps pooping in his play zone so I have to wash his feet off whenever he comes back in the house.  I don't think he is going to be a porch swing dog so your spot there is very safe.  He doesn't like the swing moving when he is trying to get on it either, and doesn't seem to want to learn.  He does like the summer doghouse but isn't sure about the winter one yet....maybe it has to get cold enough to turn the heater on for him to figure that one out.  He'd just rather be in here on the pillows in front of the fireplace - just like you.

The cats have figured things out.  They sneak past when he is napping or when he is outside.  They take whichever route is necessary depending on where he is.  Spook is curious enough to sniff him when he is asleep.  He obviously smells different then you do so she has to get him recorded to memory so she knows who she is dealing with.  My bet is that she'll stay upstairs most of the time anyway.  Booger does everything on the sneak.  I don't even see or hear her until she heads back up the steps.  I think Ike does though because sometimes he'll just stop and listen and sniff the air.

Midnight is a little cautious but still feels that he is the house boss.  He rings the bell and waits for us to get a hold of Ike and then come let him out.  He will go right out (or in) with Ike there - as long as we are holding him....and Midnight is smart enough to move slow so he doesn't look like anything exciting.  He used to tease you by running the minute he got out the door......just so you would chase him - but then he knew what to expect from you and he hasn't figured that out with Ike yet.

Learning a new fellow's signals and remembering to stay patient and forgiving is easier for me then for Jeff.  He forgets that Ike doesn't know what sit, stay, lay down and come mean yet - although Ike does know a little bit - he knows what "no" and "get down" mean.  I really think that somebody loved him long enough for him to learn a few things and for him to learn to trust people.  Even though he is about 5 months old (and your size) he is still very much a puppy and sleeps a lot and wants to chew on everything.  Thanks again for leaving the chew toys.  I got him some new ones too.....and some new floor pillows that don't smell like anybody else.

I was thinking how, when you were about his age, we wondered if you thought your first name was "No bite" and your last name was "leave the cat alone".  I sometimes wondered how you learned that your name was must have been early on - before you started doing naughty things.  We seemed to have to use the other phrases far more often.  We don't seem to have to use them with Ike so much - but then he hasn't been camping yet either.....that comes in another week or so.

I hope he learns his name better soon so that he will come when called.  We forget to use his name as often as we should.  With you we were just grew to know what you wanted or needed, and you were so used to just following our lead that we didn't have to call your name a whole lot.  When the van door opened - you just jumped in and when the golf cart moved - you just hopped on.  Ike has all that to learn yet.  I'll try to remember to use his name more often so he gets used to it.

This whole thing would be a lot easier with you here to serve as big brother and teacher!  Yes, Dufus has been over to check him out but doesn't stick around like he did with you.  That is okay with me.  I don't want all you boys wandering off together - it seems that Dufus is the only one who can find his way back home again.  A kennel will be coming for short term confinement (instead of the cable) but a fence is going up for a play yard so dogs can play outside together and not get in to trouble...or run off.

We're still waiting for you to come home...and still looking for you so that you can come home to us and your new playmate.  Wherever you are - tell them it is time for you to go home!  Then get yourself here or go to someone who will help you get back here.  We love you and miss you.  Starskey Come Home!!!!!!!!  We are all waiting for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!