At Freedom Park summer 2010

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Hello Starskey - wherever you are.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day so I am seriously thinking about the things that I am thankful for in my life.  You are high on that list.  I don't need to repeat the things I have already posted....I wrote them so I didn't have to keep reliving it but can always remember the good times!  Life does go on and even love changes but is never forgotten.

You were responsible for opening up hearts......and a way that I never believed possible. What you left behind was a more open heart and a more willing mind when it came to fur covered family members.  We have more now...and some of the same that were here with you.  Midnight is still trying to teach the kid how to ring the bell to go out.  Buck caught on quick but Pele just refuses to do it.

Both dogs are not only in the house....but on the furniture!  Well Pele is anyway.  Buck is half way on and half way off.  His back feet are braced on the floor with his front feet on the blanket covering part of the couch and his head in my lap......that is Major!  You broke down the house barrier in Jeff's mind so you got these guys inside to work their own magic on him.  It was Pele first....because he had lived in a house before and knew to behave,,,and he isn't that big anyway.  Jeff still objects to Buck being even part way on the couch.....but unless somebody gets down on the floor with him....that is where her has to come for his loving.  I don't mind at all - except for the licking part.  He feels the need to lick things until they are wet.....pillow, arm of chair, me, whatever.  What is it with the licking anyway?

Back to the Thanksgiving part......Thank you for choosing to spend part of your life with!  You changed ours for the better.......I can't tell you how much.  We have loved all of our pets and cared for them the best we knew how at the taught us new ways to love and care.

Thank,You for loving me at a time when  I wasn't sure I was still lovable.  I thought I couldn't do much right but it was enough for you.  You loved me with no questions asked or demands just loved me!  Thank you for saving all the bones Missy stashed.  Ike was grateful and he left them for Pele.  Thank you for teaching me the power of simple things like a walk with my dog.  Thank you for the wonderful greetings I received even if I just came back out of the were always glad to see me.  Often I needed that more then I realized.

Thank you for being you!  You may be elsewhere right now but I can't  look at the porch swing or the plastic summer outdoor shelter without feeling a glow in my heart.  You made a permanent home in my heart - and Jeff's too!  Wherever you are right now.....I hope you are warm, safe, happy and that you know how much you are loved and valued and cared about!

I do wish you would go to the vet and get your chip discovered.  I would be even more thankful to be able to have you back at home with us.  You'll love your new brothers......and they will love you!

Thank You Starskey - for coming in to my life and for changing it to the better.  I miss you.....

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