At Freedom Park summer 2010

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Hi guys!   It is the most beautiful morning!!!!  It makes me think of both of you and the mornings like this that we have shared together.  You were each "only children" so our mornings together were really special to me and my memories of such mornings are precious indeed!

The sun is shinning, it is a little cooler then it has been but that is okay.  The geese are back and there has been a pair of swans on the pond every morning since I finally found you Ike.  This morning there are two pair of swans!  God is good and I am at peace with my wonderful puppy memories.  The swans don't stay but they keep coming back and the geese don't seem to bother them so maybe they will nest somewhere nearby.

It is the first week of April - about the time each of you came in to our lives - Starskey in 2010 and Ike in 2011.  Starskey - do you remember the Motorcycle Expo?  You were the official greeter and everyone fell in love with you on sight.  You were a 4 month old puppy so how could they not fall in love with you?  Ike - it was during the next Expo that I put your name on the adoption papers and you came to live with us a week later.  I fell in love with your spirit and gentleness while you were at the Humane Society.  The 2012 Expo was last weekend and Buck went with us. 

Starskey, I think you must have been coaching Buck because he became this year's official greeter and a very popular attraction for all....and he was so good that many vendors gave him gifts - new neck scarfs, lots of dog treats and special attention.  He was thrilled yet very well behaved.  I was as proud of him as I was of you!

Ike, you never attended an Expo - but that wasn't your scene anyway.  Too many people to get excited with and too much time unable to run free.  When Buck got home he opened the race track again and has been using it alot so I think your memory was waiting here for him.  Now that he has somebody to race with again he is racing all over the place.  Thank you for bringing him back out of his depression.

Dad mowed last night and you both know what that means - chase the tractor and try to catch all the snakes, mice and whatever else gets stirred out of the grass.  Sometimes I think Buck was just chasing the grass that blew out of the side of the mower - he was covered in it and loved it.  Fresh cut grass means rolling time...and there was a lot of that going on too....or was that rolling in the goose poop - or both?  At any rate he was running and you know that is what makes him happy.  It seems that he is happiest when chasing something - or when being chased so, Ike,  I guess you are with him there too.

The squirrels are out looking for all the acorns and walnuts they couldn't get to with both Ike and Buck on duty.  They are running Buck ragged as they leap from tree to tree and scamper across the ground.  He is thrilled of course.  I am not sure what he would do if he caught one - that was always your part of the job Ike - the rabbits, squirrels and other things that couldn't move as fast as your long legs could move you.  I think Buck just helped stir them up for you.  He'd rather chase them then catch them.

The weather is a little cooler then it has been - but it has been a weird winter anyway.  The tulips are up but not blooming yet.  The daffodils are blooming and the lilacs will soon be - so it is about mushroom time.  Mushrooms in April?  Like I told you - it has been weird....Okay guys - it is time to stop sitting here and remembering you when I can go outside in the sun and do it much better. 

I love you and I miss you but if you have hooked up with each other and found Missy and Jack and Scooter - I am guessing you already know what a beautiful morning it is.  My memories of you all are happy ones that I will treasure forever.  I Thank the Lord for bringing each of you in to my life.  He brought you all in different ways and he left each of you as long as he could.  Some for many years and some of you for only a few months.  No matter how long or how short a time you were with us - your love and your trust were special.  What you brought to my life was both the same and different at the same time and always wonderful and full of wonder.  I love you all and I miss you all - and I will meet you all again in my heart on every Beautiful Morning!