At Freedom Park summer 2010

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer is here - I miss you!

Well, summer is not only officially here but the heat is coming too!  UGH.....Oh - the swimming pool is full and so is the half barrel.  We got some rain last week so the pond got some fresh water too but it still gets warm....but Buck says wet is wet and it feels good either way.

Pele' has had 4 camping weekends now and has claimed his spot in the camper.  He is a social busy body and has to check on everything and everybody.....kind of like you!  He also seems to be almost as popular as you....everybody knows him and Buck and welcome their visits.  That is a good thing - the welcome part I mean.  They can go camping one more time before the Rally but then the roads will get too busy for them to visit folks and escort vehicles.  They will go stay at Jerry's with the Bostons while we are gone for the rally.

Mouse finally taught the boys to run in the grass so their feet didn't get sore.  Mouse is getting old and slower but she isn't going to miss the boys when they come - or the action of getting ready for the rally.  Her bloodhound bay, followed by Buck's lab voice, followed by the Pele' voice (squeek?) is sure a contrast.  Last weekend they sat on the hill in the shade and said hello to everyone who came and went.....I wonder what the people all thought of the trio?

Pele' reminds me a lot of you.  He is so curious and now that he has figured out that he has free run at home - he comes in full of stickers (just like Missy) and with his ear stuck to his forehead and his tail stuck to his leg and all sorts of odd things.  I think he does it on purpose to get the attention to remove them...that means getting brushed and loved.  They all come out easy - not like Missy where they would get wrapped up in long hair and the undercoat too.  He won't need a summer haircut to be comfortable....

Pele' has a lot of Jack in him too.  He is a digger and he is relentless when he has something he is after.  The chipmonks and shrews mess with him by hiding in the wood pile or under the equipment he can't wiggle under to get them.  I think he has made hunting near the house and buildings tougher for Midnight and Sassy because everybody stays hidden from "the dog" so they can't catch them....but nobody looks like they are starving or suffering.

Sassy keeps bringing her kills to the back door of the shop.  I wonder if she is bringing them to Pele'?  Since he had never been around cats before - Sassy has become a "distance" friend but I am not sure he knows that yet.  She sits in the chair on the outside of the shop kennel when he's there and they just look at each other but if he comes in the door and she is moving around - he chases. 

Hope Pele' gets "catasized" soon.  In this heat he'll be in the house more then out and you know how that will go over with Spook and Booger.  They have learned the bell code too - if the bell on the door jingles it means he has either come in or gone out and they can plan their activity accordingly.  They don't care about Buck - he just lays there and they walk around him. 

If he is sleeping Spook will come down and watch him.  Booger just checks him on her way by to the food and litter.  Midnight knows the guy is his size so he sometimes messes with him and undoes the progress made for a while.......Darn Cat!

I just wish you were here to be a part of all of this, instead of me having to tell you about it.  You have some good things and lessons to teach Pele'.....and you could learn good things from Buck.  It would be so wonderful to take our walks together again and watch how you boys work things together.  I suspect that you and Buck would do squirrel patrol, while you and Pele' would do mouse and snake patrol....Oh, those would be such wonderful walks!

I miss you Starskey - no matter how many others are here to share my heart - there is a special spot that is only yours.  In reality, I miss all of you guys at the Bridge and I have many spots in my heart where you remain.  Take care of each other and keep Ike out of trouble!

All my love.......Mom