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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Another First Snow

Hi there Starskey!

The first snow came on Dec. 10 again....but was just a little one.  It has gotten added to each day since.  It is now deep enough that Pele is more then belly deep.  It does remind me of the day that you disappeared so I can't help but think about you.  I am sad that you are gone but so very grateful that you were here!

Pele snuck out with Buck yesterday and took off.  It scared me but he had his blaze orange coat on and he was with big brother Buck so I knew he wouldn't get lost.....but he was naughty to sneak out like that.  I think they plan it together too.....Pele tucks himself under Buck's belly so when the door opens we can't see him and out they both go....stinkers anyway!  I wish you could be here with them!

They stay around home but they have to run through every bramble and thistle they can find....and you know how many we have!  Buck's fur is like yours so he can roll in the grass or snow and get most of them out - but Pele is kind of like Missy.  Not as much hair but it is long so he can get parts of his body connected to each other in weird ways with the brambles.  Buck will help him get rid of some of them but I usually have a lot of work to do too.....I think he likes it so gets them on purpose.  He gets special attention from both of us.  He is not a dumb dog that's for sure....just a naughty one.

There is another example of something you brought to us.....I grew up with lots of pets in the house but Jeff didn't.  He had a special furry friend when he was a kid but as he grew up he just had the livestock animals and they were for selling or eating.  That place in his heart where his special friend lived never had the chance to grow.....he wouldn't let it.....until you came to us.  You opened up that place in his heart again and helped it to grow!  Thank you for that!!!  You changed him and changed our lives forever!!

Buck is out helping (?) Jeff put the chains on the tractor in case it snows some more.  Pele is laying on the couch beside me having a nap.  That is a good have a warm pup beside me again!  He doesn't like the porch that is still "our" place.  You wouldn't recognize your old play area.  This summer we put a cement slab in place of the palettes we used to use as a deck.  Then we added a brick patio on to that.  Not all of your playground is gone.....just part of it.  Your favorite grass wrestling place with Dufus is still there.

The little maple tree we planted outside the back door has grown big.  It shades the patio and grass really nice....but there are still sunny spots here and there.  Do you remember the campfires we had at the park.  You used to lay beside them and enjoy the warmth with us.  We made a place for campfires by the brick patio so we can sit around a fire and enjoy our old memories and make some new ones.  Missy and Jack would have enjoyed that.....the only fires we used to have with them were when we needed to burn the brush pile.  I would sit in the grass and they would sit on each side of me and we would watch the fire together.  That didn't happen as often as our campfires did.

The sun just came out.  It makes it bright outside as it bounces off the snow.  I cut up a lot of wood yesterday from the maples we took down beside the garage last month.  I need to go stack it and clean  up the brush to go to the brush pile.   By next summer it will be dry enough to burn with our oak in the campfire.  It would be really great if you were here to share the fire with us!

Buck has come in to warm up so now I have both boys inside.  They are laying on their pillow in front of the fire together.  I still miss you and wish you were here to complete this day.   I love you Starskey.....I always will.  I just wish you were here!  My heart still misses you........This blog and my posts to you help me feel a bit better because I can't miss you any matter how life goes on.

Jeff used to think this kept me stuck in the bad depression I got in to after you disappeared.  I think he has learned that it really helps me to get my thoughts and my pain expressed.  I should have started it earlier then I did and maybe I wouldn't have gone so far down that dark path in the firsts place.  I know it doesn't bring you back to us.....but it brings back good memories and helps we deal with the ones that hurt.  Technology has it's advantages.....I just wish it had done more to find you and help you to get back home.   I love you.  I miss you.  I pray for you.  Maybe someday.......

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