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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer weeds!

Howdy little buddy!  It is summer again and I am missing you badly!  Everybody at Freedom Park still asks about you.  Wow - you made a lot of good friends on your weekends over there with us.  They keep asking me if we have found you....and I have to tell them "NO but still looking and hoping".  I guess that is where we still are and where we will remain until we find you or learn what happened to you!

The Bedstraw is all over the place in the timber, under the Day Lilys and in the long grass that we can't mow....and the burdocks too!  Missy managed to plant them in so many places, after her daily patrol and collection of burr seeds in her long coat.  I don't know if I will ever get rid of them all.  The burrs babies are having babies now!

Buck doesn't seem to have much trouble with them.  With his short hair a dip in the pond and a good roll in the grass gets rid of most of them (and plants them).  Pele', on the other hand is a collector like Missy - even with his summer haircut.  He ha a similar soft undercoat that really hangs on to them.  It doesn't help that he is the little guy so he has to climb and run through things that Buck can see over.  At any rate....I spend a lot of time each day cleaning them both up so they don't bring them in the house.  Or cleaning up the ones that got in and are stuck to carpet or furniture.

Some days my big black dog looks part green from all his collecting but his do brush out pretty easy. Pele', on the other hand, is a magnet for the weeds.  After a run through the timber and around the pond he looks black from all the stickers....even with the summer buzz haircut.  I feel bad having to get them off him but Buck's tongue just rubs them in deeper when he tries to help so I have to get them off of him.  Burdocks are the worst for the little guy.

Damn it Starskey....I miss you!!!  I am still learning of rescues and vets around here that you might have been taken to if you were picked up by an Officer or were a pest to someone.  That makes me so frustraited because it means I didn't get your information to them.  If they had you, or knew about you, they didn't know about your home and the people that loved you because we couldn't contact them.

I think I know how helpless people feel when they lose a pet when traveling!  We were right here at home and didn't know all the places you could have been taken to so how could they when they are in a strange place?  I met a lady who travels with her dogs and is compiling the information on "animal friendly" places, especially for dogs.   She has a blog too at so she can share what she learns with other pet owners who travel, or just want to take the rest of their family with
them.  Remember when we traveled together?  It was fun wasn't it and for many of us, fur balls like you are our family!!

There was an event to meet other bloggers and some authors last week so I went.  I didn't get around to everyone but I talked to some very smart and special people.  Joy Newcomer told me that my memories and letters to you might make for some good children's books.  I had never thought of anything like that.  This wasn't started to write a book - it was started to help me cope with losing you and the pain and guilt that went with that......but I see all the fun memories I have written about and all the antics of  Ike, Buck and Pele' and I realize this blog has done exactly what I needed for it to do for me....keep you alive in heart, keep hope alive and still proceed with a life that you aren't here to share!

It is still my hope to be reunited with you in this world....but until then I plan to keep remembering the wonderful things about you and the things that we did get to do with you while you were with us.  You introduced me to a world I never really knew - even though I had loved many pets before you.
I've told you before but you touched us both in a very special way that no other family member or beloved pet ever has!  Is that star on your chest magic?  Or those expressive ears?  Or that totally loving look in your eyes?  Or the fact that you picked us out....we weren't looking for another dog -
much less one that would wind up in the house.  Something about you was and remains very special indeed.  I love you and I always will.

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