At Freedom Park summer 2010

Friday, March 20, 2015

First day of Spring

Howdy there Young Man!

It is still chilly out but the snow is gone and the sun is shining!  How are you doing?  We're pretty good here but the boys aren't happy with me.  Yesterday was Vet day.  They never mind going because Gene gives them plenty of treats for being so good but this time was Heartworm tests, shots and that dreaded nail trim.

We had just enough snow all winter that they didn't wear them down.  They have a head start on summer now and always manage to keep them worn down pretty well running around in the summer.  Weekends at the camper help too.  Since the snow is gone all the burdocks are uncovered so Pele' comes in stuck to himself most of the time.  I have had to begin giving him his summer cut a little early because there are so many stuck to him that I have to cut them out of his fur....or pull them and you know how that feels.  Shorter hair just works better whenit comes to weeds  I hope you have kept your shorter fur so you aren't going through the weed thing.

The geese are here now.  That will probably mean the coyotes will stay away now...if they know what is good for them.  Those ganders can be nasty.  I am wondering if Pele' will remember that this year or if he'll have to get tweeked or chased by on to remind him.  Buck just gives them a wide berth when going around the pond.  I still remind Buck that if a black dog with a white star comes to visit that he is suppose to at least be nice.  Buck is a pretty good guard...and he usually checks things out before deciding whether to growl or not. 

Pele' is just a lovable idiot but he'll be the loudest one barking at you.  He thinks that just because he grew up with Sid (the giant Pit) that he is tough.  Well I guess he is the fierce hunter....chases down rabbits pretty regular but he is still the little guy with a big mouth.

Your house kennel is still here and the summer dog house (unheated).  I'll be unplugging the heated dog house now that days are warmer and dogs are inside at night.  You need to come home and meet your new packmates!  you will fit right in between them for size.  I suspect you'll run the race track with Buck and then go hunting with Pele'.  You'll fit right in!  The race track has changed now that the pond is not frozen anymore.  It will go back to being a circle track around the pond.

Your mother's owner has been helping us redo the kitchen so we have been able to share some memories of you and he told me how sneaky you were as a baby!  He had to keep you fenced in living in town.  Out here you found the joy of running free.  I often wonder if that is why you are still gone....even though we were outside with you.  You had never left before, but you had never played in snow before either!

As the grass gets green and the flowers begin to bloom I will be thinking of you and your curiosity about the flowers, the garden, the frogs and bugs.  As a pup you were very much like Pele' is all of the time....but I also remember my little shadow that followed me wherever I went and wanted to help with everything I did.  I miss you Starskey.......Please come home!


  1. Stopped to wish you peace, with much respect,

    Nuk & Family

  2. Hello Nuk, So glad you are still hanging in there. Nice to hear from you.! Keeping this blog going is how I hope to keep the possibility of someone finding Starskey's lost family so he can come home. Share ar you see fit. Hop you have a wonderful summer. Peace and respect to you too!