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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meet Peludo

Hello Ike, Starskey, Missy, Jack, Scooter, Saint, Pepper, Apachie, Pockie and all my feline family.  We have a new addition to the family.   His formal name is Peludo (like the soccor star) but we just call him Pepe' (or JYD - Junk Yard Dog).  He was my Mother's Day gift (?) from Robin.

How do I describe him?  Bigger then Midnight (but he doesn't know that yet) but smaller then Jack.  That is pretty close.  He looks like a cross between a Scottish terrierr or a Schnauzer and a Chihuahua.  How is that for a mix?  He is so ugly he is cute!  He has been living at Robin's with her Pits since September but now she has taken in a stray Boxer and felt "over dogged".  She thought he would be happier to just deal with one big friend (Buck).  She was right - he is now Buck's shadow.  Buck does enjoy having a playmate again but isn't sure about the shadow part yet.

I figure Pele' has survived a year of raukus activity and play with two Pits so he and Buck should be fine.  Buck is requiring some reassurance from time to time and I can remember when all of you did the same, when a second canine came to live here.  In the end you became best friends and often inseperable.  A black retriever and a Sch/Chi do make and odd couple but so did an American Eskimo and a Jack Russell - and that pair took care of each other for years!

Pepe' is bonding with the house, his floor pillow and his new surroundings.  He treads very carefully outside - wondering with each step if he will be shocked.  Robin had wireless fencing and he can't believe he can move around here he does it carefully! 

I wish you all could meet him.  Starskey - you and Jack would love him!  He is just your type.    We would walk right under Ike, which would keep him guess about where he was.  Missy - he would drive you crazy so just go find a place to lay down and watch the idiots play.  He is growing on Dad because he will ride the golf cart...something only Jack and Starskey have ever done willingly.

We all raised the girls right didn't we!  They love animals and they rescue the ones that need it - just like we always did when they were growing up.  Robin has 3 big ones now and Rene' has 2 big ones and 2 little ones and some cats....and I still have room in my heart for more if there is no one else that needs or wants their love.

I miss you all, especially when the weather is so nice and more time is spent out of doors, where we would walk and talk and play together.  Memories of our years and special times together wash over me and I smile and feel all the love.  Take care of each other!  Keep your eyes open for lonely new comers to the Bridge.  They may not have gotten rescued and loved before they had to go to the Bridge.  You can make them feel welcome and cared for there, even if they weren't before they got there.  

Nothing is worse then being alone and feeling scared.  You all made sure that I was never alone and you comforted me when I was sad or scared.  Do the same for newcomers to the Bridge - you all know how, in fact you are experts at it.  

With all my love - Mom

Here are pictures of Pele'

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