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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Missing Starskey

Oliver Alert uses a quote that goes something like "never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about" or something to that effect.......Well, I am not giving up and I don't think I have gone an hour without thinking of Starskey.  I can't tell you what has made him so special to me because all of my pets have been special and each have their own unique story as well.  Maybe it is just because I started out with Starskey as a baby and he blazed new territory and pathways in our lives and hearts and in our home!  Okay, it is also because I have no answers.........That is the part that absolutely SUCKS!

I sit here at the computer and look out the window at the porch swing that became such an important part of our day and our together time.  It swings in the wind and brings memories of a  warm little puppy snuggle on my lap as well as an almost grown dog trying to get on it when it kept moving away.  Learning to jump up didn't help much there - the swing still moved and he was not sure if his effort would be in vain or not - but he insisted on swing time daily.  I held it still while he got up on it and then we sat together and watched the events on and around the pond.

It was warm enough to use the clothes line yesterday.  I missed my helper - well, my audience would be more like it.  I found your football Starskey!  Your rubber insert survived the winter and is here for you to throw and chase.  It was once a real official football that my grandson, Phillip, left here.  It was funny to watch Starskey try to carry it in his mouth to whatever spot in the yard he planned to lay on it and try to chew on that leather round thing.  Phillip would come over and throw it for him to chase but we quickly figured out that tennis balls were easier to retrieve and haul back to the thrower.

It took Starskey 6 months to finally break that leather shell on that football but it only took him a week to have it completely peeled off - only to find that there was still a round air-filled thing inside.  It was made of rubber and not nearly as easy to chew on - but be did manage to get it popped before all his sharp little baby teeth were replaced with the smoother adult teeth.  You might wonder what a dog would find fun about a popped rubber football insert........well it is made of something akin to an inner tube.

Rather then trying to rip it to shreds Starskey took greater pleasure in shaking it to death or shaking and tossing it so he could chase after it.  He got quite adept at launching it several feet away, requiring him to run after and tackle it to reclaim it.  I would watch him play this game with himself for hours wondering whether he was playing with himself, with the rubber football or an imaginary opponent.  At any rate - it was an exercise he enjoyed and played alot.

Dufus was here again this morning.  He checks out all of the dog houses (we have 3 - assorted sizes) gets a drink from the heated bowl and then inspects the yard.  He misses his little buddy.  I did find some photos of them together when Starskey was still pretty small....they look funny together but they were best buds.

In spite of his size, Dufus is very gentle and I think Starskey won most of their wrestling matches.   Dufus misses you Starskey!

The cats have been acting strange too.  Every time I pick up the Starskey toys in the house and put them away in a basket on top of his Pet Lodge the cats get them out again. They don't play with them - they just get them out and put them back where they were on the floor in front of his Lodge....I have given up and just leave them there now.  On occasion I will catch Midnight sleeping on the rug in front of the Lodge - the same place he slept when you were inside it sleeping.  It took a while but Bugger has adopted the pad in front of the fireplace.  She still looks down at it, from her perch on the foot stool, and sniffs the air carefully before actually getting on it.  Maybe making sure it is okay..........

Jeff is certain now that I have gone crazy.  His patience with my search and my grief is getting much shorter.  He says it is time to move on.  Move on to what?  I still see him go over to Starskey's toys and move them around with his toes (when he thinks I am not looking) and he keeps the water dish full but I bet if I asked him he would say it is because the cats drink out of it too.

Camping season is coming and I don't know what that will be like without you.  There is a camp chair by the firepit that is designated as yours. The lawn chairs will be brought out again soon too - and I will be expecting to see a black body curled up on the cushion in the sun.  Who will ride in the front seat of the car and on the golf cart?  Who will help pick up the branches in the yard and remind the geese which side of the pond is theirs?

Starskey - it is time to come home to all of the ones that love you...................

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